TERRA_MORPHING is an interdisciplinary research project that combines dance, video, sound and installation. We tie in with the local landscape of the Ruhr area and an earth torn apart by the aftermath of mining. The exploitation of our nature and the handling of contaminated sites are always present here. Earth harbors both profane and magical symbolism. It forms the material basis for life and death, right under our feet. Two dancers perform on, in and with the earth as well as underground. A dialogue arises between the human body and the changing environment. We see it as an important and interesting challenge to combine dance-performative material with virtual and physical space.

During the research on site we visited the training mine Rechlinghausen, the Halden Haniel and Beckstraße and established a cooperation with the German Mining Museum (DBM) in Bochum. From the material collection 3 videos have now been created, which will soon be available here and on the NRWKS website.
We are applying for funding to finance the production of a dance film which will be screened at the museum (DBM).

Tanzrecherche NRW #38
May – December 2021

Concept: Annelie Andre & Jakob Blazejczak

Performance: Annelie Andre & Dennis Schmitz

Camera: Jakob Blazejczak

Sound Design & Image: Freya Hattenberger & Peter Simon

A scholarship from the NRW KULTURSekretariat – funded by the Ministry for North Rhine-Westphalia. Special thanks to Dörthe Schmidt (DBM), Reinhard Funk (training mine Recklinghausen) and Mara Nedelcu (NRWKS).