Annelie Andre (A) lives and works in Berlin and Vienna. She completed her master’s degree in choreography at HZT Berlin in 2018. Before that she studied „Contemporary Dance Pedagogy“ at the MUK in Vienna. In 2020 she received the Startstipendium (BMKÖS) and in 2021 a residency scholarship at Künstlerhaus Lukas/Ahrenshoop, the Tanzrecherche NRW and the DIS-TANZEN Solo funding. She was part of the Int. exchange program „Crushing Borders“ Geneva 2021 (BMKÖS residency funding) and was lecturer at HZT Berlin (2021 & 2022). In August 2022, her group piece „Archives of Collapse“ (process funding from Fonds Daku) premiered at Uferstudio 14 in Berlin. In 2023 she collaborated with Ulduz Ahmadzadeh for the piece „Ancestors` Banquet“ (Brut Wien) and was Outside Eye for Olivia Hild’s work „_melt_“ (WUK Wien). She worked as a performer for the SINT collective and MS Schrittmacher in 2023, choreographed a piece for 24 dancers of the Bildungsjahr Tanz (SENECA) and taught in different contexts. As an artist, she is particularly interested in the interdisciplinary connection of dance, text, space and sound, as well as the transformation of the performance space into a multi-layered place of experience.


  • October 2016 – October 2018: MA Choreography at HZT, Berlin (holder of “Deutschlandstipendium”-scholarship)
  • Since 2019: practicioner training course of the Pantarei Approach (Somatic bodywork) & post natal care worker
  • September 2011 – July 2015 BA of Arts „Contemporary Dance, Choreography and Education“ at the Conservatory of Vienna (MUK)
  • 2011 certificate at „Musisches Gymnasium Salzburg“ with a focus on fine arts and dance




  • choreography for the graduating class of  MUK Vienna, premiere March 2024 at MUTH Vienna
  • choreographic collaboration with Ulduz Ahmadzadeh for the piece „Ancestors‘ Gift“, premiere October 2023, Dschungel Vienna
  • choreography for the ARTE shortfil „CRYPTID“, (Direction: Amina Krami), August 2023
  • leading the dance project „Transitions“ with Birte Hendricks at „Schulzentrum am Stern“ & Fabrik Potsdam, July ’23
  • dancer & choreographer in the works „Bruchstücke“ & „flüssig bleiben“ Oderbruch (Kienitz); Direction: Martin Stiefermann, June 23
  • performer in the installation „Avid Ground“ by the SINT collective, Kiezladen 154/Berlin, May’23
  • choreographic collaboration with Ulduz Ahmadzadeh for the new dance production „Ancestors‘ Banquet“, premiere April 2023, BRUT Vienna
  • Choreographic development at SENECA, Berlin, February 2023
  • outside eye for the dance piece „_melt_“ by Olivia Hild, February 2023, WUK Vienna


  • choreography, video, text and direction for the piece „Archives of Collapse“, funded by Fonds Daku, Premiere:  12. – 14. August 2022, Uferstudio 14/Berlin
  • dancer in the piece „Mutants in Music“ with Ensemble UbU (New Music) & Naima Mazic, Cologne/Frankfurt/Hamburg 2022
  • performing „Five Fragments“ by Mathias Rüegg, Jazzclub Porgy& Bess, Vienna, Sept. 2022
  • dancer at the Soundancefestival Berlin in collab. with Meinrad Kneer (Bass), September 2022
  • dramaturgical advice for the piece „d!s“ by Melika Akbari, Berlin 2022


  • Tutor at the master programme MA choreography at HZT Berlin
  • Dancer at „Instant Compositionality“ curated by Gábor Hartyáni, Wiesenburg Berlin, Oct. 2021
  • Dancer at Jazzfestival Leipzig with Naïma Mazic
  • Artist in Residence at L’Abri/Geneva, Sept. 2021
  • Choreography for the street theatre piece „Kobel“ by Cali Kühner, Premiere: Sept. 2021, Bregenzer Waldfestspiele/Hittisau/A
  • Teacher at the youth project „Tanz ins Glück“ by Salzburg Festival, July ’21
  • Dancer at the Soundance Festival Berlin (Duo with Andreas Willers/guitar), June 2021
  • Dance & choreography for the music video „STELLARIS“, director: Ben Blaskovic, May 2021
  • Music video „Attracted by the Ghosts“ (dance & video) for the new album „Nightmares and Fairytales for the End of Times“ by Anja Weber, April 2021
  • Film „pass | break | float“ in the frame of the Residency at Künstlerhaus Lukas/Ahrenshoop
  • Research Projects: „Of bodies and grounds“„Moving through_Collapse“„TERRA_MORPHING“ (Tanzrecherche NRW)
  • Artist in Residence at Szene Salzburg, Feb. 2021


  • curator and performer for „ONE for ONE“ present art, Berlin, Dez 2020
  • choreographer and performer in the Video work „TOUCH“ in collaboration with Freya Hattenberger, November 2020
  • teaching „Contemporary Dance & Improvisation“ at the University for Music and Art Vienna, Sept. 2020
  • performer and choreographer at the Soundance Festival Berlin, June 2020
  • choreographer and performer in the video work „In the Name of“ in the frame of Auftakt Festival für szenische Texte, May 2020
  • performer in the film „Trisektrix“ by Maria Turik, Performing Arts Festival Berlin, May 2020
  • choreography „alright_OK“ for the graduation year students at University for Music and Art Vienna, Feb. 2020
  • choreographer and teacher in the the school project „Tanz im Glück“, initiated by Salzburger Festspiele (Salzburg Festival), Feb – May 2020
  • Solo „minimal_drift“ (Sound: Benny Pontius) at Tanztangente Dance Festival Berlin, Feb. 2020


  • teaching partnering at SENECA Berlin, Sept/Oct 2019
  • dancer in the site specific piece „Inbetween“ by Isa Herzfeld and Kazuma Motomura, Schöneiche/Berlin, September 2019
  • Choreography of „SHAK | WE“ for six dancers and the solo performance „
META (IN) fused“ in the frame of the BangaloREsidency, August 2019
  • Facilitating the workshop on creative processes „From Inspiration to Creation“, Bangalore, August 2019
  • solo performance „META“ funded by the Senate of Berlin, Premiere in Berlin, June 2019
  • Dancer in the piece „Tekiyeh“ by Ashkan Afsharian, Berlin June 2019
  • performer in the site specific performance „HELP-is anyone an artist?“ with Kelly LLoyd, Annelies Kamen and Elizabeth Ravn, June 2019
  • Creation „materia“ for a group of 13 dancers in the frame of the SENECA education program, Berlin, January 2019
  • Choreography for the theatre piece „Moby Dick“ (direction: Anita Vulesica), Volksbühne Berlin, January 2019
  • Teaching dance and playing hang drum for the regular course „Yoga & Dance“ with live music, November 2018 – March 2019
  • Workshop contemporary dance for teenagers at the College for Music and Arts, Salzburg, January 2019



  • Choreography of the interdisciplinary piece „LAWS OF POWER“, Uferstudios Berlin, June 2018
  • Sound performance for the piece „wavering“ with Telmo Branco and Rachael Mauney, Ada Studio Berlin, May, 2018
  • Creation of the piece „Maelstrom“ for 18 women, Berlin, March 2018
  • Teaching partnering and contemporary dance at the SENECA education program Berlin, August – December 2018



  • Performer in the score “seven” by composer William “Bilwa” Costa and musician Klaus Janek, Gallery Neuwestberlin, November 2017
  • Choreographic assistance for Anja Weber at the festival 3D-Poesie, Uferstudios Berlin, Oct. 2017
  • Dancer in the opening of the Volksbühne Berlin with Boris Charmatz in “Levee des Conflits”, September 2017
  • SYNTAGMA (production, choreography, text), presented in an old brewery in the frame of the master in choreography at HZT Berlin, July 2017
  • Solo creation and performance “poetic waters” – a structured improvisation with voice, movement, sound, presented in the frame of “moving poets”, Tanztangente Berlin, May 2017



  • solo performance “SYS4” with text, graphics, musical composition at Imagetanz Festival, Brut Wien, March 2016
  • dancer in the residency of Anton Lachky at „Die lange Nacht des Tanzes“, Jul. 2015
  • choreography, text, concept of MITTAG7, a piece with 5 dancers, 2 actors and 2 musicians at the Conservatory of  Vienna
  • Workshops: Hofesh Shechter, Trajal Harrell, Tino Sehgal, Helena Waldmann, Anton Lachky, Doris Uhlich, Edivaldo Ernesto, Markus Tomczyk etc.



  • piano
  • hang drum
  • drum set
  • founder of the sound project „A&A“ in 2016 with hangdrum and harp (Angela Reithuber)
  • using loopstation for the creation of soundscapes including text, vocals and field recordings and performing live in various performance contexts


Selected participant of the „dance&dare – rewriting dance“ laboratory for dance journalism 2019, facilitated by



  • Prozessförderung for „Archives of Collapse“ (Fonds Daku)
  • research funding for „sense / listen / resonate“
  • Tanzrecherche NRW 2021 for the project TERRA_MORPHING
  • ADK stipend Initial
  • #takecare Research Grant for „of bodies and grounds“ in cooperation with Schloss Bröllin, Jan. 2021
  • Artist in Residence Szene Salzburg, Feb. 2021
  • Selected Artist for the intern. network Crushing Borders (L’Abri Genf), 2021
  • 6-month grant „Startstipendium“ by the Federal Chancellery of the State of Austria, 2020
  • Artist in Residence at Künstlerhaus Lukas Ahrenshoop 2020/21
  • Resident at BangaloResidency @Shoonya Centre for Art and Somatic Practice, invited by Goethe Institute Bangalore, July – September 2019
  • Resident artist at Schloss Bröllin 2019
  • Project funding by the senate of Berlin (15 000 Euro) for the upcoming solo work „META“, premiere in June 2019, Berlin
  • Deutschlandstipendium in the frame of MA Choreography at HZT 2017/18
  • „Laws of Power“ was supported by „Deutscher Bühnenverein“, 2018
  • Promos Scholarship for the BIDE encounter for dance in Barcelona, 2017
  • Winner of the Fidelio-Prize (5400 Euro) (Choreography & Dance), 2013

Define positions again and again. Confrontation. Daily.

Exposing myself. Linger. It transforms, incomprehensibly. React? Action!

My desire for chaos leads to the pursuit of structure. Irritation, friction, a restlessness arises – it nourishes me.
Meandering between poles, attracted by contrasts – a non-verbal attempt of expression. But words, yes words, those too.

Rethinking the theater, it smells like home.
Searching for relevance and following the inner voice. I don’t always hear it.

I’m not looking for topics, people, places – they come towards me, flow through me and reappear in new forms. I want to be open to what is opening up to me and be able to make clear decisions at the right moment.
I strive for clarity in the mind, clarity in the body. For me, it means simplicity that is never banal but self-evident. It feels easy and at the same time demanding, what I do artistically.
Always looking for the in-between, the tipping point from one to the other, complex and yet simple. I can also arrive searching.

I’ve learned to trust. Everything falls into place – now or tomorrow or much later.

Playing with time is a fascinating one. It can stretch to the point of being unbearable and change an entire world in a tiny moment. Timing is everything. Often I don’t think in words but in rhythms.

I wish to have people around me with whom I can explore and create new artistic worlds and make them accessible to others. Together we soften the boundaries between disciplines and focus on the atmosphere, the meaning. Everything moves – thoughts, bodies, spaces. I want to create an impressive experience with simple means and enable a space of experience for participants and viewers that resonates.
It’s fulfilling to be able to make people feel like they’re creating something meaningful together. Involve, make approachable, create something that can still move in a world flooded with stimuli.

I myself find peace in precise observation. A whole universe in a detail. Body, word, sound, space, light are interwoven to create ever new, unique structures.

Be on the trail of secrets. The ones hidden between skin and soul. They are my inner motor.

©Ilva Kassner