Of Bodies and Grounds at KunstAcker

In summer 2021 we were invited to develop a performance on the KunstAcker (Schloss Bröllin) by Annelie Ketterer. We then performed the duo at the dance festival, an event with a diverse outdoor performance program.

We looked at the different surfaces of the KunstAcker and explored how they inform the movement. Does the body merge with the landscape? Where are the limits and overlaps, what dynamics and atmospheres arise? How do sun, wind and rain influence our work on site and the performance?

Extract of the preformance (rehearsal video)


Tanzfest Schloss Bröllin (@KunstAcker)
16.8. – 22.8. 2021

Performance & Text: Annelie Andre & Jakob Blazejczak

Dramaturgical Advice: Thomas Schaupp & Martin Stiefermann

Photography: Peter van Heesen