moving through_collapse (research at L’Abri/Geneva)

Systems collapse. Inner worlds collapse. People collapse. What remains? Does collapse mean destruction? Is it a slowly growing ulcer, a build-up of pressure, or a sudden collapse? Why do we associate it with weakness, violence, the end of something that we want to keep going? What is still stable in a multi-optional world? Where do we feel safe? Do we want to feel safe at all?

In September 2021 we had the opportunity of a 3-week residency at L’Abri in Geneva. We have developed different material (performance, scenography, sound, video, object, text), which we use as a basis for further deepening. Our goal is to apply for funding for a performative installation with several dancers and to develop an interdisciplinary work entitled “Archives of Collapse”.

Residency at L’Abri / Geneva
September 4th – 25th, 2021

Performance, Text, Sound: Annelie Andre

Scenography, Light, Performance: Jakob Blazejczak

Artistic Advice: Rares Donca, Alessandra Mattana, Jonas Parson

Supported by the “Crushing Borders” network, Fondation L’Abri and a residency grant from the Federal Ministry for Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport (Section IV – Art and Culture) Austria.