Archives of Collapse

„Archives of Collapse“ explores the collapse as a transformative event. What leads to a collapse and what is the potential of it? What occurs in the silence after?
Destruction and creation, grief and hope coexist in a world where softness and fragility become tools to re-connect – an attempt of constantly diving into new dimensions rather than resigning.




imploding, within
and falling apart
bursting and crashing
collapsing, stars

and waves carrying forces
and clouds breathing hope
in and out
out and in
it’s much more
than a thought

in a place
in a place
without ground

where bodies collide
collapsing, sound




Pics: Peter Van Heesen

Texts: Annelie Andre

I wanna break
break apart
break through

I wanna break
reach through
reach out

I wanna fall
fall through

Oh, yes we fall
oh, yes we break
again again again …

We break and gather
break and gather

fall and up
fall, stand up


I fall

And whenever I fall, I rise
And whenever I rise, I am light.

But the walls are still here
the walls are still solid
inside of me.

And whenever I control, I hurt.
And whenever I hurt, I feel.

Do you feel?
Do you see?
The leftovers from yesterday’s feast.

And whenever I destroy, I stop.
And whenever I stop, I fail.

again, again, again

Chaos has never been so close to order, they say.

Do you feel?
Do you see?

And whenever I contain, I collapse.

Are we stuck?
Wait –
In silence we trust.

Let me fall into this,
collapse into your arms.

I feel

and dare to become
a landscape of breathing lines
and vibrating bones.


August 12th, 13th & 14th 2022
Uferstudio 14, Berlin


Artistic Direction, Text & Choreography: Annelie Andre
Performance & Co-Choreography: Julia B. Laperrière, Florencia Martina, Karthik Rajmohan, Zuki Ringart, Lena Strützke
Scenography: Jakob Blazejczak
Sound Design: Tobias Purfürst
Drums: Lukas Akintaya
Costume: Cordelia Lange
Dramaturgical Advice: Ilva Kassner
Lights: Hanna Kritten
Photography: Omri Livne
Production: Annelie Andre




„Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR.“
Sponsoring: RedFox Labs