Untitled #1

when silence comes you hold your head and you say: no, I didnt choose to stay
I saw green grass at the end of the world, flocks of birds and beautiful rainbows

when grey is back I scream to you: let’s get wild, you being of fire! and you say: may I cross your lines instead?

hands on cold faces

your lungs in her mouth, the end is near
oceans of unspoken words like blurry eyes in insecure skies
and my story is told in thrown heavy heads
shadows that stay while your bones dissolve

be light and heavy in heartwarming matters
and up and away reaching arms through thin air
barefoot alongside the leftover mud
raw dirty legs in your undefined world

overseas is the place where I stand un-aligned
downwards I tend, facing the wall
off balance, I fall, where are you? I ask
I ate mountains, you whisper

eyes in hair, bodies aware it’s dark behind the rocks

sliding feet on poetic waters

and up she falls, pointing at me
6, 3, 8, 1957 is the year I lost feathers inside your ear

creamy dreams I owe you. stolen from fear.